SummerGATE 2020 at Holy Name School

1560 40th Ave, San Francisco, CA 94122

For Children of Essential Workers Only

A morning arrival time is required for all students (9am or earlier)

and specific dismissal times take place throughout the day.


Session I June 15 - July 3

Session II July 6 - July 24


If you are interested in having your child attend SummerGATE, we still have some specific slots available in our schedule, within certain grades and timeframes. In addition, unanticipated drops will also result in openings. If you can't find what you're looking for, please call the office at 415-753-2966, or email us at to see if our few openings match your needs. 



Every summer we create a nexus for curious minds and enthusiastic teachers to meet. Capable and inquisitive students from the Bay Area have been coming to SummerGATE for over 40 years because we make learning active, engaging and fun. Start planning now to expand your student's horizons. 


Welcome to SummerGATE

SummerGATE 2020 at Holy Name School


Session I: June 15 - July 3   

Session II: July 6 - July 24



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